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Fried Squid with Butter - Garlic

04 May 2018

Today, I would like to introduce one of amazing Vietnamese Food Recipes to you guys for making in this season. It is called Fried Squid with Butter and Garlic (Khô Mực Chiên Bơ và Tỏi).

If you have a free time and wonder which snack you should make for yourself and family, why don’t we try cooking one of interesting Vietnamese Food Recipes like this with me? Let us start right now.

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3 dried squids (medium size)

1 garlic (medium size, smashed)

10g butter

1,5 tablespoons fish sauce

1,5 tablespoons sugar

1 tablespoon chili powder

1 tablespoon chili sauce.


Step 1:

- Soak dried squids in warm water in 1 – 2 hours

- Absorb all water, wait to get dry

- Grill on cob until it is fragrant (do not need to grill until cooked). Smashed gently and tear small.

Step 2:

-Heat the oil, fry squid in few minutes.

Step 3:

-Then put on plate added paper napkin to absorb wasted oil.

Step 4:

-Mix fish sauce, chili, sugar into bowl, stir gently.

Step 5:

- Pour butter and garlic into pan, fry until it turns brown yellow and fragrant, add more squid in step 2 into pan.

- Season again to suit your flavor. Turn off the heat.

Finally, you already finished one of amazing Vietnamese Food Recipes from us. How do you feel? It is interesting, isn’t it? Hope you will satisfy with this one and good luck for your cooking.

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