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About Rosanta Travel

Welcome to Rosanta Travel’s Website - in Vietnam & Indochina ! 

Rosanta Travel is a Tour Operator Company we specialize in organizing tours inbound & outbound in Vietnam and Indochina. Join with us to experience the meaningful trips and also it will be suitable with your available time and budget. Leave all your worries behind and please let us take you to a world with new experiences.

Vietnam is a country that diversified in culture and custom with 54 ethnic minority groups, each ethnic minority group having their own particular custom and life-style. With more than 3,000 km of coastline and 40,000 historical relics and landscapes of which about 20 intangible cultural heritages and natural heritages of the world and Vietnam, Vietnam is an attractive destination for tourists from all over the world.

As a young and dynamic organization, we aim to add value to your journey and never cut corners. We assure our customers that they can see differences and diversity of culture, customs, languages and landscape by our well –trained, knowledgeable and enthusiastic local guides.

Especially, our service-minded and friendly teams are expert in planning and implementation of foreign independent tour (FIT) which includes the arrangements of various travel components such as hotel reservation, air, bus, train ticketing and transportation hiring.

Besides, our available tour packages are diversified not only in different destinations but also in tour types and interests (cultural tours, adventure tours or cruising, etc…)

Our company is contributed by professional travel advisors and teams of qualified administrators. In addition, our strong alliance with experienced local travel suppliers to enhance the quality of our travel services and not less importantly, keep our prices highly competitive over the market.

Moreover to our broad based luxury travel services, we also recognize that different customers have unique needs. Based on an initial analysis of our clients' needs, we will recommend appropriate travel products to our clients. We therefore have dedicated teams that address the specific needs of the following groups: Personalizing Tours; Anniversary Tours; Exploring tours; Sea vacation tours; Pilgrimage tours; Eco-tourism tours; Traditional handicraft villages tours...

If you are interested in our services or looking for advices regarding your holiday plans, please feel free to contact us and our travel consultants will get in touch with you. After analyzing from these meetings, we can discuss with you on the various possible itineraries accordingly to meet your expectation. In a world of ever changing, unanticipated events, rest assured that you will receive a highest service from Rosanta Travel's team!

Director's Message



Dear all clients past and future of Rosanta Travel,

My name is Ha who is founder and as director of Rosanta Travel, prior to opening Rosanta Travel Company, I was a full-time tour guide and trip leader, traveling extensively in Vietnam and countries in Indochina. I did this for many years, and I have served thousands of international travelers with their holidays under my guidance. The trips were memorable experiences for me, driving me having a passion for tourism and this contributed to my success. I have built a highly reputable professional travel company with our clients. The core values striving for excellence have never changed. So we focus on customized tours, offering our clients the best services possible with a reasonable trip cost. We offer clients with the tours which the experiences are very unique and completely unlike companies that maybe you saw somewhere. Over the years, we've helped to customize so much the tours with the needs and suitable impression itineraries... in order to our clients had meaningful trips in Vietnam and Indochina: From family vacations; friends holidays; honeymoon holiday; the large scale conferences...

At Rosanta Travel, we understand that the time is a valuable commodity for everyone. This is why we are dedicated to help you designing itineraries and planning for your vacation. Leave all your worries behind and let us help you planning for your holiday. We focus to help you and you don't have to worry about your next holiday, so you can focus on other jobs of you and enjoying the nice aspects of your life!

Our principles are “The client’s satisfaction is a great award for us; the client’s benefits is always first, the staffs always have the smiles on their lips while they talk to clients“. Today, our business has grown up in strength and Rosanta Travel has had a commercial success. On behalf of Rosanta Travel, I would like to say thanks so much to all our past and future clients for trusting and choosing to book your trips with Rosanta Travel Company.

           Yours sincerely

           HA MANH VU

Founder & Director of Rosanta Travel

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