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At Rosanta Travel we know that, it's always a worry of you to book a trip with a travel agency in Vietnam far thousands of miles from your home. Furthermore the cost of a trip is a rather huge amount, so it's a rather normal something to question about reputation of a company, professional, service quality (good / bad), safe payment guarantee, good price and so forth.

In order to assured that you don’t have to worry any thing to plan your trip to Vietnam, we would like to recommend you about our company one of leading travel companies in Vietnam and Indochina.

Rosanta Travel has a excellent staffs team. Our travel consultant experts, tour guides, operator, directorate all of them have graduated from universities in Vietnam. Especially, they have used to be the tour guide and went to everywhere in Vietnam and Indochina, he has a lot of experiences to design the best tours, great destinations and save cost for you. This is the difference between Rosanta Travel and other companies, their travel consultants often do not have to be the tour guides so they don't have many experiences to design a best tour. 

And our drivers are selected carefully all of them have had many years of experience, professional, and very friendly. The services such as: hotels, restaurants, pleasure-boat, transport ... of us, all of them are recognized as three-star and above.

We are a highly reputable travel company. Just put your belief in us. we are sure we can help you customize wonderful trip to Vietnam and Indochina.

Rosanta Travel Company is proudly a legally licensed travel company, operating under  Law of Vietnam Business ( promulgated by the Vietnam National Assembly on Dec 05, 2009) and Vietnam Tourism Law.

► Our company is legally registered as below:

Company full name in English:

Rosanta International Travel Trading Joint Stock Company

Brand name: Rosanta Travel

Company short name: Rosanta Travel JSC

Company name in Vietnamese:

Công Ty Cổ phần Du lịch Thương Mại Quốc tế Rosanta

Business licence number cum tax code is: 0106233565

(licenced by the Hanoi Department of planning and investment).

Our licenses:







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