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Vietnamese traditional “Pho”

12 Aug 2016

“Just PHO you” is a highlight of the cuisine week featuring Vietnamese food in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from April 11-18.

The event, held at Le Meridien Hotel, is part of the food exchange and promotion activity between Hanoi Sheraton Hotel and Malaysian hotel based in Asia-Pacific.

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Chef of Hanoi Sheraton Bui Quy Kim said her hotel wants to bring “pho” – a traditional special dish of Vietnamese people to Malaysian friends.

The hotel holds an annual exchange with Asian countries to promote Vietnamese food, she said.

A similar event will be held at Sheraton Hotel in Hiroshima, Japan, in May, she noted, adding that she hopes Vietnamese “pho” will continue to be popular around the world.

Antoine Rodriguez from Le Meridien Hotel said the gastronomic programme enables Malaysian locals to explore Vietnamese food.

Apart from “pho”, the cuisine week also highlights nearly a hundred of other dishes such as “nem ran” (fried spring roll), “nem cuon” (fresh spring roll), “bo sot vang” (beef stew), and “banh xeo” (pancake).

On the occasion, the Vietnamese Embassy in Malaysia helped Hanoi Sheraton display some photos capturing the Vietnamese land and people with a desire of drawing more Malaysian tourists to Viet Nam.

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